PFS Assist can aid you when you are selling your home, applying for a second bond, need a bridging loan or are simply in need of a cash injection. Select the product that suits your needs and apply online. For your convenience, use our calculator to generate an online quote or to view the tariffs and re-payment plan. Our secure online finance solutions are easy to use, reliable and affordable.


Seller Equity Advance

Sold immovable property? – get early access to your equity
The Seller of immovable property only receives the proceeds on registration of transfer from seller to buyer. The sellers equity advance usually pays out to the seller around 80% of the net proceeds (after settlement of existing bonds and expenses), once your buyer has secured the purchase price.


Bond & Bond Switching Advance

Why wait for the bond registration date?
When switching your bond to another bank or have been granted a second bond, 80% the net surplus of the new property loan can be advanced to you.


Estate Agent / Bond Originator Commission Advance

Why wait for your commission?
PFS Assist has designed a package specifically for Estate Agents and Bond Originators, allowing you to have immediate access to 80% of your commission.


Transfer Duty & Rates Advances

Why delay or lose the transaction?
This service enables the conveyancer to draw funds, when required, to expedite the registration process by remitting the Transfer Duty to the Receiver of Revenue. PFS Assist will provide finance to property buyers for the payment of transfer duty and costs, either where a bond has been secured or the proceeds from a prior sale are being used to cover these costs. These costs have to be paid upfront to the conveyancer, before registration of transfer can take place. This service is also available for Liquidators when facing interim cash flow difficulties in the estate.


Business Broker Commission Advance

Why wait for your commission?
This service enables the Business Broker to get early access to 80% of the agreed upon commission. An attorney needs to serve as the intermediary, controlling the finances and terms & conditions of the transaction.


Stock Increase Advance

Does your business require a periodic cash flow injection?
PFS Assist provides working capital for businesses during peak seasons or for special occasions. This enables the business owner to temporary increase the stock levels in order to meet the increased demand. Repayment terms vary between 7 days – 31 days.


Employee Salary Advance

Why involve yourself with staff related advances?
Business owners now have the opportunity to outsource salary advances. This service enables the business to utilise its cash flow for operating purposes only, while eliminating the possibility of any negative attitude of employees who may not meet the qualifying criteria. In order for us to help you assist your employees, apply below.


Co - Venture Capital

Are cash flow limitations the reason for a lack in growth?
This service enables businesses to exploit specific business opportunities. PFS Assist will enter into a co – venture agreement in order to provide working capital with a pre-agreed profit share as the required return on investment.