Why would I use PFS Assist?

PFS Assist enables you early access to funds, eliminating waiting periods. Our online application process allows you to calculate an instant quote.

When will the advance be paid?

Advances are paid once all the contractual obligations and the suspensive conditions of the underlying transaction are fulfilled.

How much can be advanced?

The amount that will be advanced is a percentage of the equity realised in the transaction. As a general rule the advance would usually not exceed 80% of the equity realised.

How much will the advance cost?

The costs are determined based on a number of various factors taken into account. These factors include the amount of the advance, the current rate of lending and the time factor. Access our online calculator to generate your own quotation.

How do I receive the disbursement of funds?

The funds are electronically transferred into the nominated bank account of the customer.

How long before the advance is paid?

We aim for a 12 hour turn-around time dependant on contractual obligations.

Can the advance be settled early?

Yes. This will reduce the financing cost of the transaction. Please contact PFS Assist immediately before making any settlement payments.

Is the service confidential?

As a pillar of our ethos confidentiality is highly regarded and you can be confident in knowing that your information and dealings with PFS Assist will be kept in the strictest confidence.